2.3 Download

The download section is where sets of spectroscopic data and several software tools can be downloaded. Note that the spectroscopic data on single species can be downloaded via the Download tab on the species’ corresponding Properties page. A screenshot of the download section is shown below.


Screenshot of the Download section

2.3.1 Data


While all data in PAHdb are freely available, users are asked to provide contact information including a valid E-mail address, Name and optionally a Company name.


The radio buttons select the spectroscopic data to be downloaded. The options are Download current selection, Theoretical database @version and Experimental database @version, which download the data for the currently selected species [see Selection], the library of computed spectra at a given version and the library of laboratory measured spectra at a given version, respectively.


Users downloading data are required to acknowledge that they will cite the appropriate papers when using the downloaded data. This helps in justifying continued support for PAHdb.


The spectroscopic data can be either downloaded in XML-format or as plain ASCII text. The Software tools provided through PAHdb are able to work with the XML-formatted data. After submitting the form by clicking one of the buttons, an e-mail is sent to the provided address with download instructions [see Downloading].

2.3.2 Software

PAHdb offers several software tools that can be used to work with downloaded database XML-files [see Data]. Documentation on how to install and use these software tools can be found via the Documentation Portal.


The AmesPAHdbIDLSuite is a suite of object classes written for IDL [1]. Development of the suite is visible at Github. Documentation on how to install and use the AmesPAHdbIDLSuite can be found in its docs.


The AmesPAHdbPythonSuite is a package written in Python. Development of the suite is done on Github. Documentation on how to install and use the AmesPAHdbPythonSuite can be found in its docs.


pyPAHdb is a package written in Python to fit and decompose astronomical PAH emission spectra into contributing PAH subclasses. pyPAHdb is being developed as part of the awarded James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Early Release Science (ERS) program “Radiative Feedback from Massive Stars as Traced by Multiband Imaging and Spectroscopic Mosaics” (program website; ID: 1288). Development of the package is done on Github. Documentation on how to install and use pyPAHdb can be found in its docs.