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Mattioda, A.L., Gavilan, L., Ricketts, C.L., Najeeb, P.K., Ricca, A., Boersma, C., "THE NASA RAMAN SPECTROSCOPIC DATABASE: RAMDB VERSION 1.00", 2024, Icarus, 408, 115769 10.1016/j.icarus.2023.115769BibTeX - RIS

Gavilan, L., Ricketts, C.L., Bejaoui, S., Ricca, A., Boersma, C., Salama, F., Mattioda, A.L., "RAMAN SPECTROSCOPIC STUDY OF PYRENE IN COSMIC DUST ANALOGUES: EVOLUTION FROM THE GAS TO THE SOLID PHASE", 2022, ACS Earth Space Chem., 6, 2215 10.1021/acsearthspacechem.2c00136BibTeX - RIS


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This work makes use of data from the NASA Ames Raman Database.

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